What Then? LivWell For Life

Weight management requires a strong commitment to change. Long term follow-up is crucial for success. We are here for you with regular follow-up for life. It is possible to regain weight after any weight loss program if the lifestyle changes for long term success have not been made. With regular follow-up and support we can help identify the pitfalls and help prevent weight re-gain. These surgical procedures are designed to work the first time around. Significant re-gaining of weight after surgery is difficult to treat.

We provide monthly nutrition classes for our participants and monthly support groups. Did you know we have a kitchen? We do cooking demonstrations and classes in our center. We work hard for you and expect the same in return.

We recommend vitamin and mineral supplementation for life. Surgical patients are invited to our support groups in our center for life. Physical activity is necessary to LivWell for life.

What will you do to LivWell?

If you have any questions or concerns during your pre-operative journey, please contact us.

For more information, or to get started, register for a St. Rita’s Weight Management seminar.

Learn How To Liv Well Excess Weight And Health Risks What is Excess Weight Costing You? Are You Eligible for our Program?