Our LivWell Fitness Center

One aspect of our program that truly sets St. Rita’s apart from other programs is our private fitness facility specifically designed for St. Rita’s employees and weight management program participants. Patients have 24-hour key-coded access to the facility.

Abe Frieson, Exercise PhysiologistThe center is newly renovated and is run by our exercise physiologist, Abe Frieson. With experience in obesity himself, Abe found his way to better health through physical fitness. We realize “exercise” can be intimidating, but burning calories can be done in many ways and can lead to better long term health and fitness. Everyone can do something. We work hard to meet you where you are. We provide guidance and support.

We have learned that even just 10 minute bites of exercise can be beneficial!

Physical activity is:

  • Necessary to boost the metabolism
  • Necessary to maintain weight loss
  • Necessary to attain fitness
  • Necessary for wellbeing
  • Necessary part of life

For more information, or to get started, register for a St. Rita’s Weight Management seminar.

Learn How To Liv Well Excess Weight And Health Risks What is Excess Weight Costing You? Are You Eligible for our Program?