We're Here For You!

St. Rita’s Weight Management Center is a supportive environment where patients are encouraged to get on a path to LivWell and given tools to stay on that path to Be Well.

We provide each patient with an entire team of professionals including physicians, surgeons, physican assistants, nurses, dietitians, a psychologist, and an exercise physiologist.

A strong commitment to change and regular follow-up is
crucial for success.

Our medical program is run in 3 month renewable blocks, and the surgical program varies pre-operatively, but lasts life long post-operatively. We work hard for you and expect the same in return.

We use a very special piece of equipment to measure the body composition. Here is the brochure to learn more about it.

SECA Body Composition Analysis

We provide monthly support groups for our participants,  Also, don't forget to check out various nutrition website resources under the "nutritional support/recipe" tab for further recipe ideas on your path to Living Well. 

St. Rita’s is honored to care for you in our Weight Management Center. We realize losing weight is one of the hardest things to do. Attend an informational seminar to learn more.


Learn How To Liv Well Excess Weight And Health Risks What is Excess Weight Costing You? Are You Eligible for our Program?