Rev It Up

Since weight loss is not one-size-fits-all, we offer several treatment modalities and at St. Rita’s Weight Management Center Solutions.

REV IT UP is a 7-week group program for men and women who approach wellness by focusing on their metabolism.  Rev It Up is designed to have you take control of your health and wellness by changing the foundation from which you make health choices

The program is progressive from week to week, building on principals learned in a step by step approach.  Each week participants are given a food, fluid, fitness and foundation challenge to REV UP their metabolism.   A book will also be provided and weekly reading assignments will be given in addition to the weekly class setting.

REV IT UP is taught by our registered dietitian.  Fitness Center Access is also included with REV IT UP.

We offer a group orientation prior to the start of REV IT UP.

If interested, please contact our office at 419-996-5918.

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