Multidisciplinary Approach

LivWell. Be Well.

Weight loss is not one-size-fits-all.

We strive to provide a supportive environment where patients are not judged by their weight. Having excess weight can lead to obesity, which is a disease that requires treatment. We realize each individual’s weight loss journey is very personal. At St. Rita’s, we have a team of professionals who are honored to help patients through the difficult process of weight management.

The outcomes are not about cosmetics, but about overall health and prolonged life. We provide the needed guidance for changing habits and provide long term follow-up to support long term success.

Our patients find encouragement to “get on a path” to wellness—
Most patients find it a path of hope.

We help patients set goals and provide education on how good nutrition and physical activity will play a part in reaching their goals. Furthermore, we provide support- both individual and group support- along this journey.

We follow NIH (National Institutes of Health) guidelines for bariatric surgery, which state that care should be given in a multidisciplinary environment. That’s why we have an entire team to serve each patient, including surgeons, physicians, physician assistants, nurses, dietitians, a psychologist, and an exercise physiologist.

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