At St. Rita’s weight management program, we realize your health is very important to you and helping you reach your goals is our priority. We find that more and more insurance companies are offering weight management benefits as our weight problem grows and the cost of health care continues to rise. The health benefits from weight loss lead to health savings.

Insurance- For Most Patients:

Many insurance companies offer metabolic/bariatric surgery benefit coverage to their participants. A large portion requires “criteria”, such as 3, 6, 9 or even 12 month period of physician supervised weight loss prior to authorizing weight loss surgery. It is very important to remember each policy is different and therefore we urge you to investigate your particular benefits and requirements. Our program coordinator will provide ongoing insurance support during your journey. If you are uninsured or have a policy that excludes bariatric surgery, we will offer a self-pay option in the future, but do not have this program available in 2014. There are several different avenues to finance your surgical procedure.

Out of pocket expenses:

Because insurance does not cover every aspect of weight management, there are out of pocket expenses. We strive to make this fee as competitive as possible. There is program fee for the surgical pathway (Package A) covering 6 months and for the medical side (Package B), which covers 3 months, and can be renewed as long as you want to stay in the program. Please contact our center or come to an information seminar for more information.

Self Pay- For Few patients who do not have insurance coverage:

If your insurance provider does not offer bariatric surgery benefits, the Weight Management Center will offer competitive pricing in 2016 to help you reach your weight loss goals. Because every patient has different needs, we offer several payment options:

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