Genetic Testing for MC4R Rare Obesity Gene

Mercy Health St. Rita's Weight Management Solutions is pleased to offer Genetic testing for MC4R Rare Obesity Gene.

Some rare forms of obesity are caused by genetic variants in MC4R pathway,a key neurosignaling pathway in the hypothalamus responsible for regulating hunger, food intake, satiety, and energy expenditure.  Impaired signaling caused by these variants can lead to early-onset, severe obesity, and hyperphagia-regardless of enviromental and lifestyle factors. 

Genetic testing can help you  understand a primary cause of your obesity by identifying relevant genetic variants. 

Patient gain knowledge of:

Possible diagnosis

Appropriate disease management options
Patients and families often gain a great sense of relief in knowing there is an underlying cause of their obesity unrelated to environmental and lifestyle factors

This testing is for those individuals who meet MC4R genetic testing criteria and is free of charge.

Call our office at 419-996-5918 for more information.

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